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Trigger warning for fatphobia:

[personal profile] whump brought today's poor excuse for an April Fool's joke perpetrated by one of his long time acquaintances to my attention. As I've had time to think about this so-called attempt at humor, I've also had to deal with some personal triggers having to do with fatphobia and Wiscon. Five years ago, I was one of the Wiscon attendees that was targeted by a trolling attack directed primarily at those of us who are fat.

Flash forward to today, and the article screencapped by [personal profile] whump and others brought up a whole lot of memories. When I think back to the Wiscon 32 incident, I felt a bit of compassion for the troll, but today I really don't have any to spare for (redacted). I've seen several folks targeted by his Islamophobia speak out with eloquence and power, but I want to address the misogyny and fatphobia directly.

When he used the name of a historical serial killer as an alias for the con chairs, he directly insulted several people who I've been honored to meet over the last few years through my participation in Wiscon. Then he added a festering pile of snark directed at "sinful, wanton flesh" that needed to be covered up and made invisible with the so-called intention of dealing with lookism and adding the Islamophobic trimmings as a really nasty additive.

He's telling me that I need to cover up my body and silence my voice, and he used the primary newsmagazine covering the speculative fiction field as his medium to spread this message in the guise of a joke. And then, when many members of the community as well as others not as invested in it called the magazine's attention to this post (which has been taken down with an apology), he then managed to flounce on his blog and cry censorship by humorless feminists.

This person is coming from an even more privileged situation than the Wiscon 32 troll (age, gender, etc.) so I have no inclination to cut him any slack whatsoever, especially because he seems to be playing the "oh noes the meen wimmin are harshing my fun" card.

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Date:April 2nd, 2013 09:21 pm (UTC)
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Trust me: that's his MO. He was merely a smirking troll when I knew him: he regularly solicited articles from me for his zine during my writing days, and I credit getting my own Web site going 16 years ago because he asked for a short piece and then told me "Our interview with Bruce Sterling ran over, so we can still print yours if you can cut it down to 150 words." What we have here is a typical suburban Cat Piss Man who discovered that the world wasn't going to sing hosannas because of his obsessive science fiction and gaming knowledge, so he's going to take it out on anyone he can, anywhere he can. (To be honest, the fact that this and all of his other "humor" pieces on the "Locus" Web site are gone is a source of celebration. When Jeff VanderMeer wrote April Fool's Day stories for "Locus", they had the benefit of being funny. Lawrence's, and you could always tell they were his, were about as funny as a hot Clorox enema.)
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Date:April 2nd, 2013 09:39 pm (UTC)
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Were they all written under the same pseudonym? I was having trouble reconciling this particular piece of tripe with the piece a few years back about Charlie Stross and Cory Doctorow getting tapped to write an authorized sequel to _Atlas Shrugged_, which was actually fairly amusing.
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Date:April 3rd, 2013 12:25 am (UTC)
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That was amusing because it wasn't mean-spirited and had the payoff of the reader getting to imagine where Cory and Charlie could go with that premise and chuckling under hir breath.

There was absolutely no positive payoff from yesterday's stunt for anyone other than (name redacted) getting to feed his ego by the feedback from likeminded individuals.